Meet Paul, King Arthur's driver

Paul is one of two father and son artic drivers at Knights of Old Group. He drives CAT C+E (Artics) from our Kettering depot.


How long have you been at Knights of Old Group?
21, possibly 22 years, I have lost count.

Favourite truck manufacturer?
Yet you are driving an MAN?
Yes, but it's King Arthur.


What's your longest journey in a truck so far?
Down to the bottom of Italy, forget where exactly, but it was delivering military vehicle lifts.


What's your favourite journey ever in a truck?
Easy, 2017 Spanish Grand Prix. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Montmeló, Spain.

It was the fifth round of the 2017 championship and I was parked up on the circuit.

Hamilton won, then Vettel and Ricciardo. A very good day.


Tea or coffee in the morning?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Sausage wrap (We interviewed Paul at Truckfest, everyone had a sausage wrap!)

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Meet Annette our Kettering receptionist

How long have you been at Knights of Old Group?
13 Years.


Why do you enjoy working on reception?
I love talking and meeting people, being happy and trying to help everyone.


How did you start ballroom dancing?
Having never danced we went on a cruise where we could just get up and dance, it’s now taken over and I love it.


How long does it take to get ready for a dance competition, hair make up etc?
You have to get into a routine. Spray tan first, then a friend does my hair and glues crystals into it. Make up and false eyelashes next.
It’s all about presentation on the dance floor as well as dance ability. Then I am ready to climb into those beautiful dresses.



Dance highlight so far?
British number 2, and we have gained a dance family.


Best place to dance?


What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Porridge, blueberries every morning.


Tea or coffee in the morning?
Definitely a Tea Girl.

Photograph shows Annette who bumped into Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Kevin Clifton at the weekend whilst she was dancing the Easter Dance Festival, Southport.

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