12 Aug 2019:


After years of successfully working together Knights of Old welcome Steve Porter Transport into the group.

The transformative merger which was formally agreed 08/08/2019, and recent contract wins, increase group turnover to +£73m. Combined group statistics reach 300 trucks, 350 trailers, 700 full-time staff and 450,000 sq ft of warehousing.

Following the 2017 merger of Nelson Distribution into the Knights of Old Group, the 2019 merger is also geographically strategic. The Group’s main operating hubs are now spread centrally throughout England from Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire to the Isle of Wight where Steve Porter Transport’s Head Office is located.

Ian Beattie, Group Managing Director: "Well respected in Southern England, Steve Porter Transport shares the group’s strategy of continued business growth achieved through: operational excellence, a renewed focus on operational efficiencies and developing our greatest assets, our combined 700 staff.”

Malcolm Gibson, Managing Director of Steve Porter Transport: "Adding Steve Porter Transport into the Knight of Old Group creates obvious geographical opportunities, the greatest opportunities remain focused around the group’s assets, the people, the group’s agility and the full potential of the core business.”

Steve Porter, founder, will continue mid term as, Chairman and Ambassador to Steve Porter Transport ensuring business continuity.

Established in 1981, Steve Porter Transport operates across five sites in Southern England. Malcolm Gibson, Managing Director joins the Executive Board of Knights of Old Group and continues in his role as Managing Director of Steve Porter Transport, all talent will be retained.

The local distribution operations of Knights of Old Group, Nelson Distribution and Steve Porter Transport will all remain distinctive within the group.

June 2019:


Knights of Old MAN fleet are all fitted with EBA - Emergency Brake Assist.

The new generation of EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) increases safety and considerably reduces the risk of traffic collisions.

The newly-developed system combines information from radar sensors installed on the front end of the vehicle with data from the camera integrated in the windshield. Thanks to this sensor fusion, the system can detect dangerous situations, speed up reaction times and initiate emergency braking to avoid serious collision.

In case of emergency braking, the ESS (Emergency Stopping Signal) emergency brake signal is activated along with the brake lights – the hazard warning flasher operates at an increased flashing frequency to notify other treaffic users of the emergency, thus reducing the risk of a rear-end collision.

Apr 2019:



Knights of Old Group are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted for the Motor Transport Training Award 2019.
Recognisisng the operational disruption the skills shortage could have to the Knights of Old Group group and the wider logistics sector, in 2014 we launched Merlin Supply Chain Solutions - training and driver supply solutions.
Merlin Supply Chain Solutions comprises:
MERLIN ACADEMY - DRIVER DEVELOPMENT - Develop new talent into the logistics sector
MERLIN PEOPLE - DRIVER SUPPLY - Supply of skilled drivers and warehouse operatives
Initially operating within the Knights of Old Group, Merlin Supply Chain now operates within the wider logistics sector.
We are delighted to be shortlisted, it's a great team effort, and we look forward to the ceremony on 3rd July at The Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Apr 2019:


London Ultra Low Emission Zone came into force today 08 April 2019 in Central London.

The ULEZ is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and covers the same zone as the congestion charge zone.
ULEZ charges are in addition to congestion zone charges.

Broadly speaking non-compliant vehicles are:
Petrol vehicles over 13 years.
Diesel vehicles over 4 years old.

Minimum standard requirements:
Motorbikes - Euro 3
Petrol cars and vans - Euro 4
Diesel cars and vans - Euro 6
Busses, coaches and lorries - Euro 6

Small vehicles pay: £12.50 per day.
Heavy vehicles: £100 per day.

By 25 October 2021 the ULEZ will expand to cover the entire area between the North and South circular.

Feb 2019:



Eircode is Ireland's first public database to locate every individual address in the State - a postcode system. Uptake of Eircode was initially slow, but the data now includes 2.2 million business and residential addresses in Ireland.

Although not compulsory for postal services, the use of Eircode allows the logistics industry to pinpoint the collection and delivery address in Ireland.
  • From 1st March 2019, every time you send an order or make a booking, we will need you to supply us with a correct delivery/collection Eircode
  • Supplying us with your Eircodes will keep the booking procedure efficient and smooth
  • You simply need to click the 'Eircode Finder' link below

As always we appreciate your support, and if we can help you in any way please get in touch.

We Need an Eircode:
If you are transmitting your orders and collections electronically with us:

Jan 2019:


One of Britain’s fastest-growing parcel firms has hailed a partnership with one of the country’s oldest logistics providers as a significant boost to its development.


CAE Delivers, which is the UK’s leading specialist in shipments to Ireland for major brands in retail, financial services, engineering and entertainment, has appointed the Knights of Old Group as its new linehaul partner.


The tie-up will see Knights of Old collect and consolidate consignments from clients across the south of England for delivery to CAE Delivers’ Dublin depot.


CAE Delivers’ Managing Director Jamie Knapper has described the decision as important in maintaining customer services standards at a time that this company is experiencing unprecedented growth.


"Over the last year or so, we have made substantial changes to our infrastructure on both sides of the Irish Sea to ensure that we not only grow the amount of business which we handle but can do so in a way which best supports our clients.


"Those investments in systems and personnel have resulted in us being even quicker and more reliable but we require the same of partners in a number of different disciplines with whom we work to help us progress.


"We recognised that we were likely to outgrow our previous linehaul provision even before the recent peak season which saw parcel volumes more than double. We knew that we needed the services of a much larger and more capable operator, so it’s with some delight that we have been able to bring Knights of Old on board as our new linehaul partner.


"Having a much larger and more flexible fleet means that they can facilitate later collections from UK clients with sufficient contingency to cover for any situation, enhancing our ability to sort, process and deliver swiftly right across the island of Ireland.


"This partnership is, I believe, further ample demonstration of our putting in place sensible, strategic and sustainable growth.”


Mr Knapper’s comments follow the news that CAE Delivers was recruiting an additional 80 drivers across the Republic of Ireland, thereby doubling the number of delivery staff which it employs across the country.


The appointment of Knights of Old is an undoubted boost to CAE Delivers’ plans. It has become one of the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics companies, running a diverse fleet comprising more than 250 trucks and 300 trailers.


Over more than 150 years since it was founded, the firm has built up an extensive portfolio of services, including domestic and international road, sea and air freight, warehousing, supply chain management and contract logistics solutions.


Speaking on behalf of The Knights of Old Group, Group Managing Director Ian Beattie said:"Knights of Old Group are delighted to have been selected as CAE Delivers’ linehaul partner and support them with their strategic and sustainable growth plans.


We look forward to working collaboratively to bring further value to CAE and their customers.”

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