100,000 individual picks and 15,000 carton picks of delicate PET window-boxed toys

WOW Toys is one of the fastest growing companies in the highly competitive world of toys. WOW Toys, which specialises in toys for pre-school children, was launched at 1997 London Toy Fair by managing director, Nadim Ednan-Laperouse.Since then WOW has expanded and grown and is now available in over 900 UK retailers and 40 countries around the world. The range of products varies from construction toys such as diggers to farm characters, bath toys, pocket money toys and racing cars..

Keen to ensure and maintain a seamless delivery network across the UK, WOW Toys approached Knights of Old, the leading privately owned logistics company in the Midlands, and a new partnership was born.
The move is an ideal fit because WOW Toys already engages MundF, Knights of Old’s German partner, to look after its deliveries in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Knights of Old will mainly look after UK toy distribution, with stock being brought into the UK in containers via the port of Felixstowe directly from WOW’s supplier in China. During the transition period, WOW Toys will be looking at moving about 600 full pallets from Coalville in Leicestershire to the Knights depot in Kettering. After that, deliveries will be from Mondays to Fridays.
Unlike some other Knights clients, WOW Toys is not in the business of groupage and full loads. Its focus is on accuracy and efficiency of pick and pack for more than a thousand customers in the UK ranging from small, independent shops to retail giants such as Tesco.
WOW Toys will be looking to about 100,000 individual packages and 15,000 full cartons to pick annually. Each package comes with a clear PET window, which is a relatively weak part of the chain. During picking, the picker should try to avoid gripping the PET window with too much force, as it may pop the window.
A key element of the distribution operation will be in the run-up to Christmas when WOW Toys will be looking at a 150 to 200% increase in traffic, which is in line with general retail industry trends. The peak season starts in August and runs through to the end of November.
WOW Toys delivers to the whole of the mainland UK and all offshore islands. There will be direct deliveries from the UK to France and Belgium, plus stock transfers from Knights of Old to MundF, which will be in full pallet load.WOW Toys have enjoyed a very smooth service from MundF and endorsed their recommendation that they should team up with Knights of Old for the UK operation.


Lewis Liu, WOW Toys’ Operations Manager, said: "The company is very pleased with the people it has met at Knights of Old and is very impressed by the operations efficiency and industrial expertise. Knights of Old’s IT department is currently working on the system configuration.”
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