Tailored, flexible distribution of bulky cleaning machines

Tennant Company has a vision to become a global leader in chemical-free cleaning and other technologies. Tennant products include equipment to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces, plus equipment parts, service, maintenance, and financing. Products are marketed under the Tennant, Nobles, Green Machines, Orbio and Alfa brands.
Tennant is passionate about developing solutions to address  cleaning challenges. It  sets the benchmark for sustainable outdoor cleaning with products that help reduce  emissions and noise pollution.
Tennant UK is based in Northampton and has a team of more than 200 people. It has  three sales forces – one for field and regional sales, one for the larger strategic and retail accounts, and a city cleaning team who deal with municipalities and local councils.
Tennant has developed a significant market share in the UK, employing 90 service engineers who cover the  UK and Northern Ireland, 364 days of the year.
With equipment for UK and European markets manufactured in Uden, Netherlands, Tennant UK receive their products to order, selling through direct and distributor networks. With the cleaning machines being irregular-sized items, it was important to find a distribution partner that could provide a tailored, reliable service.
Tennant UK’s distribution model works on a guaranteed three-day schedule throughout the UK, based on dispatch, transit and deliver. This, in addition to the bulky, non-standard items to be carried, called for a carrier who could provide a flexible, bespoke service.  To find a suitable partner, Tennant UK invited tenders from two local firms. On the back of productive first meetings and with a depot close by, Knights of Old was successful in securing the contract.
The Tennant UK operation is based on receiving manufactured machinery from the Netherlands, shipped to the UK by logistics group, KLG Europe. On receipt, Knights of Old transport the products to its main warehousing facility in Kettering, where smaller palletised items enter the Partnerlink network.
Partnerlink, the national distribution consortium, enables freight movement while minimising pollution, through the co-operation and consolidation of loads between all regional partners. Larger items are trunked throughout the UK on a guaranteed schedule. Typically, there is one shipment daily into the UK, which can range from one pallet to ten.
With the Knights of Old tailored service, the Tennant UK operation is seamless. Communication between parties is minimalised to the receipt of shipping details from Tennant Europe in Antwerp, Belgium, and the entering of these details into trunking schedules.
Tennant UK’s Steve Pickering, Workshop Manager, said: "We guarantee to have our machinery delivered within a three-day time window. It is vital, particularly with installation and set-up engineers arriving on-site simultaneously, for the equipment to be delivered on schedule. Knights of Old has maintained a high level of delivery consistency throughout our partnership.”


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  1. BRC - Global Standard Storage and Distribution
  2. FORS - Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme
  3. ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
  4. ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System
  5. OHSAS 18001- Occupational Health and Safety
  2. RHA - Road Haulage Association
  3. BIFA - British International Freight Association
  4. UKWA - United Kingdom Warehousing Association



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