Knights of Old Group are proud to publish their Gender Pay Gap information in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) regulations 2017. The information provided below represents the period from the 05th April 2016 to the 04th April 2017.


Pay Gap

Employee Demographic

% Male


% Female


Mean Gender Pay Gap

-1.49% in favour of female employees

Median Gender Pay Gap

-0.83% in favour of female employees


Quartile Analysis

Top Quartile

Male Employees


Female Employees


Upper Middle Quartile

Male Employees

82.35 %

Femle Employees


Lower Middle Quartile

Male Employees


Female Employees


Lower Quartile

Male Employees


Female Employees

22.55 %


Male Employees


Female Employees



Bonus Gap

Mean Gender Bonus Gap

70.73 % in favour of male employees

Proportion of male employees in receipt of a bonus

52.15 %

Median Gender Pay Gap

85.22 % in favour of male employees

Proportion of female employees in receipt of a bonus

4.84 %




Gender Pay Gap

As seen above Knights of Old’s gender pay gap is negligible and we believe that this is the result of our continued commitment to pay equality in all areas of our business. Compared to the UK average gap of 18.1% we believe that our pay gap demonstrates that it is possible to achieve pay equality in a traditionally male dominated industry. Whilst we are pleased with our pay gap report we acknowledge that we, and the UK economy as a whole, must continue to focus on this subject in order to ensure gender equality in the workplace.


Bonus Pay Gap

We acknowledge that our bonus pay gap is substantial and this is due to there only being a bonus scheme in place for HGV drivers and only 5.1% of our HGV driving population are female. Though this is indicative of the logistics industry, where it is estimated that only 2% of HGV drivers are female, we accept that we have more work to do in the recruitment of women HGV drivers and hope that our new driver apprenticeship scheme will attract new female drivers. 



Though the above report is encouraging we wish to continue our good work to ensure equality and diversity across all areas of the company and need to attract more women into our company. To this end we are continuing with our new driver apprenticeship scheme, our work with local schools to attract young men and women into our industry, the encouragement of flexible working for all staff and ensuring that there is always equality of pay regardless of gender.

The data presented in this report and accurate and has been approved by the Managing Director.

Nick Bithell

Human Resources Director

Knights of Old Group

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