With food and drink exports to Europe at record highs, the EU is a significant market for UK food and drink manufacturers. Supporting the strong export market, Knights of Old Group offer ambient BRC accredited logistics solutions.
Maintaining product integrity during storage and distribution is critical to the sector. The Groups' recent BRC Grade AA accreditation for Storage and Distribution is core to the groups business values. All staff recognise that continued re-certification to the standard is now an established part of the groups operating profile to the food and drink sector, and that re-certification as a process helps further promote continuous improvement to ensure consistency and confidence throughout the supply chain.”
Having worked with some of the largest names in the UK food-importing sector, the Knights of Old Group provide cost-effective, reliable and efficient food logistics solutions to customers of all sizes.
Kettering depot one (90,000ft2) - BRC AA
Kettering depot two (40,000ft2) - BRC AA
Kettering depot four (72,000ft2) - BRC AA
Northampton depot (32,000ft2)  - BRC AA

Proc/pres potatoes
  Fruit and vegetable juice (mfrs)
Proc/pres fruit/vegetables
  Oils and fats (mfrs)
  Margarine and similar edible fats
  Butter and cheese production
  Other milk products (mfrs)
  Grain milling
  Breakfast cereals and cereals-based food (mfrs)
  Starches and starch products (mfrs)
  Bread; fresh pastry goods and cakes (mfrs)
  Rusks/biscuits: preserved pastry goods/cakes (mfrs)
  Macaroni, noodles, couscous (mfrs)
  Sugar (mfrs)
  Cocoa and chocolate confectionery
 10822  Sugar confectionery (mfrs)
 10831  Tea processing
  Coffee and coffee substitutes
 10840  Condiments and seasonings (mfrs)
 10850  Prepared meals and dishes (mfrs)
 10860  Homogenized food prep dietetic food (mfrs)
 10890  Other food products n.e.c. (mfrs)
  Prep feeds for farm animals
 10920  Prep pet foods (mfrs)
 11040  Non-distilled fermented beverages (mfrs)
 11060  Malt (mfrs)
 11070  Soft drinks, mineral waters/bottled waters (mfrs) (pdcrs)
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