Knights of Old Group have been awarded BRC Grade AA for Storage and Distribution, Kettering depot one (90,000ft2), depot two (40,000ft2), depot four (72,000ft2) and Northampton depot (32,000ft2).

BRC, released the new Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 3, August 2016 with audits conducted following the new issue since February 2017.

BRC Standard Issue 3, introduced 8 key changes including that of Security. The requirements for site security risk assessments was formalised with the inclusion of a new clause for security risk assessment for products during transit. The clause supports the consideration of security of the product before release and acceptance.

After successful completion of the audit, certification is awarded with one of the following grades: AA (+), A (+), B (+), C (+) or D (+). Knights of Old Group are audited every 12 months and were successfully awarded AA certification in July 2017.

Tony Quenet, Head of Compliance and Fleet Management said, "The accreditation ensures that customer have complete confidence in our supply chain integrity. Security of the products we handle is a key factor in the storage and distribution process and we are constantly working to improve and comply with the BRC standard.

Our BRC accreditation has become central to our business values, demonstrating that the company adheres to a measured set of standards and is compliant to all relevant legislation and to the BRC’s code of practice.”

All staff recognise that our continued re-certification to the standard is now an established part of our operating profile, and that re-certification as a process helps us further promote continuous improvement to ensure consistency and confidence throughout the supply chain.”
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