BRC accredited Storage and Distribution

The Knights of Old Group have maintained their BRC accreditation across 4 depots, Kettering 1,2,4 and Northampton following their recent annual audit. Re-certification to the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution is an ongoing commitment to Knights of Old Group customers that they can consistently be trusted with their products and their customers’ reputations.

Tony Quenet, Knights of Old Group’s Compliance Manager said: "We fully understand how critical it is to our customers to have complete confidence in our ability to uphold supply chain integrity. The standard has necessitated that we built a culture around quality that involves everyone, at all levels within the group. All staff recognise that our continued re-certification to the standard is now an established part of our operating profile, and that re-certification as a process helps us further promote continuous improvement to ensure consistency and confidence throughout the supply chain.”

BRC Global Standards are a leading food safety and quality certification programme, used by over 23,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries. Introduced in 2006, BRC introduced the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution to complement the suite of Global Standards covering the production of food, packaging and consumer products. The Standard allows the chain of product certification to be completed, from the primary processor to manufacturer, and from manufacturer to retailer.

Re-certification of the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (Issue 2) accreditation is core to business values, demonstrating that the company adheres to a measured set of standards, is compliant with relevant legislation and to the BRC’s code of practice.

The BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (Issue 3) effective 01/01/2017 has been developed by a multi-stakeholder group to ensure that the standards are robust enough to meet current industry needs. Issue 3 will allow the Knights of Old Group to further align with other BRC Global Standards ensuring consistency throughout the supply chain.
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