17,000 vehicles - 35,000 pallets delivered daily

The Knights of Old Group have bucked the trend in times of great change by becoming the sole UK member of the Astre network – a European-based logistics chain.

In a move which will greatly extend their reach and capability throughout Europe, The Knights of Old Group have become the only UK and Ireland provider within the extensive Astre network.

Created in France in 1992 by 18 companies, the Astre network, now boasts hugely impressive statistics: 2.4 billion turnover, 23 European countries, 17,000 vehicles, 3,400,000 sq metres of warehousing and 36,000 pallets delivered daily to over 300 sites.

The Knights of Old Group already have an incredibly solid European distribution service which combines speed to market with high levels of service. The group’s 460 dedicated freight partners (292 already within Astre), and 53,000 employees have extensive knowledge of global logistics providing part load, full load and express delivery solutions throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond.

Knights of Old customers already benefit from the vast scale of operations across Europe that the group offer, this will be further enhanced by joining the Astre network. This combines with, but does not diminish from, the highly bespoke levels of safe, dependable and competitive service that only  individual operators can deliver.

Astre, Europe’s leading transport network, runs specialised logistics services across a wide range of industries. Astre plays a key role along the entire logistics chain in the fashion industry, to pallet distribution and fully compliant intelligent, clean and silent urban distribution solutions to communities, users and citizens in all cities in an eco-friendly manner.

Together with Astre, The Knights of Old Group provide a total logistics solution from storage, management, order picking to reverse logistics all in full compliance with industry standards..

In becoming the sole UK member of the Astre Group, The Knights of Old Group will take on a strong role further developing its Europe wide network, strengthening the distribution chain across the English channel and helping bolster trade across Europe as a whole.
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