Vision aid to help eliminate blind spots

The Knights of Old Group continues to lead the way in Logistics safety standards by installing Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) approved windows to a new fleet of vehicles operating within the city of London.

With the view to not just match industry standards but to exceed them, The Knights of Old Group has retrofitted CLOCS windows on eight new vehicles with the aim of providing drivers with a clearer view of cyclists sharing the road.

The CLOCS windows are a vision aid window designed to help eliminate the blind spots around heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The windows are not a standard feature and had to be ordered and fitted after the vehicles were manufactured at an additional cost of £1200 per window.

Proposals are already on Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s table to take safety for HGVs one step further with retrofitted side windows to improve driver visibility of the nearside of their vehicles. With this in mind and to help keep cyclists as safe as possible, the Knights of Old Group has taken these bold steps ahead of the proposal to show its continued commitment to road safety.

In recent years Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils have introduced stronger safety standards to help prevent accidents involving cyclists. Along with CLOCS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) also already exist to set safety standards for HGV operators working within London. Each of these schemes (CLOCS, FORS and WRRR) purposefully aligns with each other. The new Knights of Old vehicles meet all three of these standards.

The most common vehicle involved in collisions with cyclists is a car or taxi, with the rider usually being hit by the front of the vehicle. However, HGVs present a recognised danger for cyclists, especially in London where around 20% of fatalities involve an HGV. These often occur when an HGV is turning left at a junction. About one quarter of accidents resulting in serious injury to a cyclist involved an HGV, bus or coach 'passing too close' to the rider.

Knights of Old vehicles operating within London already have Class-V mirrors and side guards as part of the FORS Silver Standard its vehicles meet. The eight new vehicles also have an audible warning in the cab to alert the driver to the presence of a cyclist. That audible warning when the vehicle is turning is also there to alert the cyclist.

Speaking on behalf of Knights of Old Group, Compliance Manager Tony Quenet said: "The retrofit of the CLOCS windows demonstrates the groups continued commitment to the safety of vulnerable road users.”
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