Secure daily, weekly and bi-monthly deliveries to the automotive sector

ARRK are one of the world’s largest product development specialists. Their origins date back to 1984 in Osaka Japan. Over time, through acquisitions and mergers, ARRK has strategically located companies around the world, enabling them  to offer global resources and manufacturing capabilities.

ARRK UK operations offer a wide range of product development services from design engineering, prototyping, craftsmanship and composites through to tooling and low volume moulding. Customers of ARRK’s exceptional craftsmanship and composite solutions include Noble, Cosworth and Thermoking.
The company has four technical centres in Basildon, Gloucester, Nuneaton and Petersfield that offer fully integrated packages to clients. ARRK’s mission is to be the best in class partner in product development and low volume manufacturing.

One sector that is showing considerable year-on-year growth is the car market, up 9.3% in 2014 in the UK, and returning to growth in the European market after six years. ARRK’s centre in Petersfield is a key provider of injection moulded plastic bumpers for the car market, including the Vauxhall Corsa and Astra, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover.

THE SOLUTION          
Secure daily deliveries of automotive parts are made by A.E Parker, a long-established family haulage and storage company based in Chichester, West Sussex. The company was acquired by the Knights of Old Group in May 2013 but continues to trade as A E Parker.

The deliveries are made direct or transferred in full loads to the ARRK paint facility in Gloucester. Two full loads a day, five days a week are delivered to Plastic Omnium at Hams Hall. Bi-monthly, 20 loads are delivered for Vauxhall for the Corsa and Astra. The automotive parts are delivered in bespoke stillages in dedicated AE Parker vehicles, to protect the loads in transit and to maximise available space in the extra height trailers.

The volume of parts being delivered has grown by 20% year on year and are product specific. Peter Kite, Plant Operations Manager, ARRK Europe Ltd, describes the company as a "low volume solutions provider.”

As well as the automotive car parts sector, ARRK manufacture and supply injection moulded refrigeration panels for articulated trailers. Delivered weekly to Thermoking as full loads to Galway in Southern Ireland, the panels are transported in dedicated vehicles  via Holyhead to Dublin. Bespoke stillages are used for protection during transit and to  maximise available space in the extra height trailers. 14,000 units are delivered to Galway per year = 56,000 parts per year. This equates to one load a week, 49 weeks per year.

Pete Kite is full of praise for the service from A E Parker. He said: "They are on time every time and offer a courteous team support. A E Parker is fully understanding of our business and we are very happy with the service.”
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