ISO9001 - 2008

As one of the UK’s leading and distribution companies, Knights Of Old has adopted a policy of operating and developing a quality and hygiene management system based on the ISO9001 - 2008 standard and British Retail Consortium Global Storage & Distribution Standard for continual improvement across our distribution and secure warehousing UK solutions.
We also actively drive our food safety standards throughout our supply chain by adhering to FIAS accredited scheme.
We give our customers the confidence they require by being able to guarantee traceability and product safety.
We will aim to provide a service that exceeds our client’s expectations at the first attempt, to help us attain that goal we will strive to:
• Establish strong links with both clients and suppliers, which will benefit quality for both parties
• Monitor quality to identify non-conformance and drive continuous improvement”
• Develop the quality system based on employee involvement, and maintenance of the system
• Communicate the quality objectives to all employees, including inducting new employees
• Provide all employees with the training and support needed for them to supply a quality service to all our clients
• Actively encourage each employee to realise his or her full potential
Having a team approach within the company, aimed at increasing the company’s competitiveness by improving quality, hygiene standards and performance.
We will operate and comply with all security, safety, legislative, regulatory and statutory requirements as stated in Knights of Old company policy. We will comply with the requirements of various accredited schemes (ISO 9001:2008, BRC, FIAS, FORS) and continue to blend the mixture of modern equipment and infrastructure with traditional core values to truly deliver: Service With Honour
The Knights of Old Quality and Hygiene statement is displayed as a symbol of our commitment to quality and hygiene and a reminder or our objectives.

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